Bad habits that can sabotage your own happiness

In a previous post that can be found by clicking here I talked about how being happy is a state of mind and that this state of mind can be learnt by managing your feelings and emotions. With this post I am going to look at bad habits that can sabotage your own happiness. I was unaware that my past unhappiness was caused by unhealthy thinking and unhealthy actions. Once I became aware of certain behaviors that were keeping me from being happy I was able to work on changing those bad behaviors and as a result my happiness and outlook on life improved greatly. Below you will find actions and behaviors that could sabotage your chance of happiness.

Blaming others for my unhappiness

The first thing that kept me from being a happy person was that I would blame everyone else for my unhappiness. Once I realized I was doing this I immediately took the action needed in taking back the responsibility for my own happiness.  I looked at ways that I could improve my life to make it a happier one without the need to rely on others to do it for me. It was only then that I was finally able to start the journey towards creating a better life for myself.



Putting things of can stop you from achieving your goals and can stop you living the life that you have envisioned for yourself. When you are living a life that is far from the life you have planned for yourself it can result in an un-happy unfulfilled life. When I find myself procrastinating, I remind myself that although it may not be a big deal in the short term, in the long run it could stop me from achieving my goals and they could become out of reach. Living with regret for what could have been leads to a very un-happy life. Below is a great video that gives some great tips when you find yourself procrastinating.

If your looking for more information to stop procrastinating this book has some great tips Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time
Comparing yourself to others

Another way that you can sabotage your happiness is by comparing yourself to others. If you spend most of your time being jealous of other people’s success you could fall into the trap of losing your focus and it could stop you from taking the action needed in creating your own success stories. Some people pretend to be someone they are not so they can live up to what society considers the ideal lifestyle.  You will never achieve a happy life if you are living a life pretending to be someone that you are not and not living up to your true values.


Failing to learn from past Mistakes

Many people when it comes to making mistakes, learn from them and by doing so go on to future success. For example, you may make a mistake, but instead of dwelling on your mistakes you can look at them as learning opportunities and think to yourself that you are getting one step closer to finding out what does work and as a result being closer to achieving your goals. On the flip side some people instead of learning from their mistakes complain about them and have a pity party. This does not solve anything.  Making mistakes and learning from them, instead of dwelling on them can be the difference between being a success or being a failure. These are some traits that I identified that sabotaged my own efforts in becoming a happier person. Once I took action against these bad habits I was able to become a happier person.

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