Becoming successful by creating a pattern that leads to success

Becoming successful by creating a pattern that leads to successIn a previous post I talked about the importance of setting goals. I believe that the most successful people in the world get there by setting goals and then taking action towards achieving them. If you have no plan or goals for your life you will live a life that just drifts along and as a result may be far from the life you pictured for yourself. When you achieve the goals it has a snowball effect. When you meet your goals it will result in you becoming more motivated towards setting new goals and by doing this over and over and repeating the goal setting procedure, it is I believe your ticket to living the life you have always envisioned for yourself. In a way this is creating a pattern of success and this is what I would like to cover in this post.

When it comes to creating a pattern of success in your life is can be as simple as taking action. I know people in business that are more gifted and skillfull than their competitors, but have nowhere near the same success as their competitors. The one trait that I have found from those people that are more successful than their competitors is their ability to take consistent action. They are prepared to take action, even if it is imperfect action. The most important thing is that they take action, work out what’s not working, change strategy and keep on moving forward.

Another step in creating a pattern of success in your business is to make sure you follow a schedule. I get so much done when I stick to a schedule, I find that I focus on the important tasks that need doing to grow my business, my productivity soars and I seem to get tasks done quicker because I am not getting sidetracked from the job at hand. I like to set out the tasks I would like to achieve for the day night before. A great example of this is when I needed to produce a 10,000 report. I worked out how many days I had until the deadline for the report was due and I would then create a schedule to write a certain amount of words a day. This was a great help as I was able to break down the report into smaller steps which stopped me from being overwhelmed and helped me obtain my focus. This is a video I found on YouTube that gave me some great tips that I have used when I was having trouble sticking to a schedule

Automate repetitive tasks

In business one of the things that was mundane and took up a lot of my time was Bookkeeping. I could not afford a Bookkeeper and doing it manually took up a lot of my time which would have been better used elsewhere. It was at this stage that I looked for ways to automate the process. I was able to find some great software that automated many tasks that took me ages doing manually and as a result, I freed up a lot of my time which was better used in growing my business.
This is an example of software that can be very helpful QuickBooks Pro 2016 Small Business Accounting Software with Free QuickBooks Online Essentials [Old Version]

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

When you start a business one of the best things to remember is someone else has already started a business similar to yours. This is great to learn from others what has worked and what hasn’t. It is probable that someone else has done the hard work of ironing out the kinks, this is where you can learn from other business successes and failures. This information is invaluable and can give you the steps to making your new business a success story.


These are some steps I have done which have helped me in obtaining a pattern of success in my life and my professional life, I hope that they can do the same for you.




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