How improving my self-talk made me a more positive person

How improving my self-talk made me a more positive personOur self-talk can have a huge impact on our lives. Unfortunately for a lot of people they can find that their ongoing internal voice can consist of mainly negative thoughts and as a result this can lead to living a life that is unfulfilled and far from the life they may have pictured for themselves. With practice it is possible to change that negative voice inside your head from being one that is always negative to one that is more positive. Positive self-talk is a habit that can be learned and with practice it can become second nature. It is my belief that our thoughts do indeed create our actions. If our self-talk is always negative this can affect us, especially when it comes to taking the necessary action needed in creating the life of your dreams and improving it. Positive self-talk has an uplifting effect, it makes your confidence grow and as a result, you will find that your life will also improve. These are a few ideas that have helped me change my inner voice from being negative and self-critical, to one that is more positive which as a result has led to a much more positive life. This book is one that although published a long time ago is still so relevant now as it was when it first came out The Power of Positive Thinking

A technique I found that really helped me, was taking the time in writing down some goals that I wanted to achieve in my life.  I would then break these goals down into smaller steps and then focus on achieving these smaller steps one day at a time. I would do this for the times when I noticed that my mind was ruminating on the negative. Instead of letting my mind dwell on the negatives I would take the action of stopping my negative self-talk and then instead I would focus my mind onto taking the actions needed in getting me closer to my goals. This was a great way to stop my mind from ruminating on the negative and instead taking positive action.

One thing I also found helpful was making myself more aware of the thoughts I would have throughout the day. I never realized how negative my self-talk was and how it was affecting all aspects of my life. Most of my self-talk was geared towards constant worry about the future and my past failings. This constant negative thinking kept me from focusing on goal setting and the steps I could take to change my life due to being preoccupied with my negative thoughts.

Becoming aware of my thoughts and how they were of a negative nature got me excited as I knew that my negative self-talk was a bad habit that I had fallen into, and knowing that bad habits can be changed I became empowered and motivated for change. The simple action of awareness was the start the beginning of my journey to a better life.

When I started paying attention to my negative thoughts I noticed certain words that would automatically pop into my head that were of a negative nature. These constant negative thoughts stopped me from taking any positive action that would improve my life. It was when I started to challenge these automatic negative thoughts and question them that I was able to start moving forward. This article gives some great examples on how to challenge your negative thoughts.  One step that helped me was monitoring my thoughts and writing down the most consistent ones that were of a negative nature. Once I did this I would then go about challenging these negative statements that I was thinking about myself.

These are some of the techniques that I have used that have helped me change from someone who was always having constant negative mental chatter going around in my head to now being able to stop this negative chatter and replace it with the habit of positive self-talk.

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