Tips on Getting Over Writer’s Block

Tips on Getting Over Writer’s BlockHave you ever found yourself in the position of having to write some content, but when it comes to the act of writing you find that your mind has gone blank and instead of writing you are finding yourself sitting in front of your computer staring at the screen or sitting with pen in hand staring at a blank sheet of paper with no idea on what to write about or how or where to begin? If so this post is for you.
In this post I would like to share four strategies that can be of help when it comes to getting over the dreaded writer’s block. When you find yourself suffering from writer’s block, trying some of these simple strategies can help you overcome writer’s block and as a result help you in becoming more productive when it comes to your writing efforts.

tip-one-1Overcoming a Lack of Inspiration: One reason you might be struggling with knowing what to write about is that you might be feeling uninspired. I find that when I am feeling inspired writing becomes easy to me and the content that I am writing about just seems to flow. When I am feeling flat and uninspired I struggle with my writing efforts. But how do you get inspired when inspiration is lacking? Here are some things I do that have helped me in getting my creative juices flowing.
• Listen to music. I have found that listening to music helps me tap into my creative side. When I put on music that motivates me and my whole demeanor and mindset seems to change. I can go from feeling unmotivated to feeling motivated. Having my favorite music playing in the background puts me in a positive state of mind which not only helps me snap out of my writer’s block, but allows my positivity to be reflected in my writing style. I have found when writing, my favorite music to listen to is classical music. I find that classical music is least distracting for me and is great in getting me into my writing zone.
• Struggling on what to write about? A great way to get inspired and finding topics to write about is to check out relevant blogs, it is a great way to get some content ideas. Magazines on your chosen topic are also a great resource. You will find inspiring content ideas everywhere when you start taking the action of looking for them.
• Getting out and going for a walk is a great way to find inspiration and a great way to get into the writing zone. For example, when I am struggling on what to write about, I have found that going for a walk helps me clear my head. I have also found that when I am out walking content ideas seem to pop into my head much easier.

tip-one-2Overcoming a Lack of motivation can cause writer’s block. There are many times when I need to create content, but find myself procrastinating and doing anything but writing due to fact that I simply do not feel like it. When this occurs I will keep pushing through and break the writing tasks down into smaller steps. For example, I would outline the content that I wish to cover first and then I would go about creating a rough draft of the piece. Another great tip when it comes to breaking you’re your writing into smaller steps is to make it a goal to just write just one page. Once you get started you may feel like writing more pages. Taking baby steps when it comes to your writing might be kick-start needed for getting into the writing zone.

tip-one-3Writing backwards might seem a little strange at first, but it is a great way to overcome writer’s block. What does writing backwards mean? Instead of going the normal route and starting at the top, try working from the bottom up. You could, for example, start by writing your summary. Once your summary is done, it is then time to write backwards. You would do this by writing your conclusion first and then keep proceeding on upwards until you reach the top and then you would lastly finish with your headline.

tip-one-4Go old fashioned.
Go back to basics, close the laptop and go to the pen and paper. When I do this I find that I will just write freely without thinking of things like editing e.c.t. It is amazing what you can come up with when you just let your thoughts flow onto paper. It has a certain freedom about it which I have found is a great way to get my creativity firing.

Thank you for taking the time with reading this post. I hope that some of the tips I have shared in this post can be of some help to you when you find yourself suffering from writer’s block.
If you have any tips that you have personally used that has helped you in overcoming writer’s block, please do not hesitate in sharing by adding your tips to overcoming writer’s block in the comment box below.

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